Doing Our Gosh-Darn-Best


Well folks, sorry to state the obvious, but it has been one hell of a year. One that has been full of all of the Hard Things – for everyone.

Ever single person I know has had a harder year than usual. Beyond the social and political climate, which should be able to go without saying but definitely still needs to be said, to things like personal well-being and health, relationships, and finances, everything has just been, well… hard. It just goes to show you that rarely is anything in this life actually separate. It’s all about that ripple effect, my friend! With the Hard Things though, have come the advocates, champions, Love Warriors, and everyone else just doing their gosh-darn-best to get through the madness.

If you’re like me, we’re in the gosh-darn-best category, which means we’re certainly not making the news, but I thought maybe we could still band together to find the light, or, at the very least, the slight shimmer of a silver lining hovering somewhere out there. That is kind of what I’m hoping to do in this space, through essays, reflections, and (likely) the occasional rant. The goodness might be based on a quote, a story, a spotlight on a source of inspiration, or maybe just a brownie. Because let’s face it, this year – of all years – we all deserve a frickin’ brownie. (and rarely has a brownie let me down in the finding-a-moment-of-goodness category!)

This is a space that has actually been resurrected a handful of times. I’ve built the sites, written the posts, taken the pictures, and even published a couple of times – only to inevitably take them down once they had become weighed down in cyber dust. What is different this time, you ask? I don’t totally know, to be honest, except that I feel the pull to write and express myself and that I’m finally ready to take that risk of having people read it, regardless of how good it is (and isn’t). I’m not entirely sure what this space is going to end up being – for the longest time I’ve had this vision of life lessonsĀ  and philosophies accompanying nutritious-yet-delicious food so that this becomes a space that can help nourish both your soul and your body. Admittedly, it’s a beautiful vision but it’s one that relies heavily on having a sense of wisdom, enlightenment, and authority, which… I don’t.

So I can’t say any of this will for sure add value or learning to your life, but I hope to build a community of people as we sort through our understanding together, or at least as you tolerate me sorting through mine. Despite the lack of wisdom or enlightenment, I would love to have you along for the journey as we sift through the destruction to find the life sprouting through.

With thanks,


^Definitely got the inspo for that last line from The Lion King. #sorrynotsorry

^^Also you should definitely know ahead of time that I am experimenting as a writer, so in theory using this blog should make it better with time, but thank you in advance for stomaching the growing pains until it does!



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