Sunday Thoughts

(A REMINDER: Self-care is not selfish.)

It’s been a while since I wrote on here, but I figured I would ease back into it with some Sunday Thoughts.

I apologize for suddenly disappearing. You see, I became so preoccupied with encouraging self-care for everyone else that I ended up completing neglecting my own! (#classic)

I was burning the candle at both ends, trying to figure out how this vision of mine could come together – doing a little bit of everything, feeling like I was in constant motion, and yet accomplishing a whole lot of nothing. I had spread myself entirely too thin and, because the body keeps the score, I soon found myself physically ill with a resurgence of symptoms that I had thought I was free from.

It turns out old habits give you the same old results. Who’d a thunk?

So, I returned to the basics and pulled back a little from most things to allow myself space to, firstly, get well, and, secondly, get clear on what it is exactly I’m trying to achieve. How did I get spread so thin in the first place?

My problem is – and has always been – that I just see value in so many of the things and I want to give my time and energy to all of them! Depending on which set of archetypes you subscribe to, this is very Gemini/INFJ/Vata of me. This is not a particularly sustainable way of being, as it turns out – especially when the real world demands some amount of groundedness. For example, in my world right now it is #ReportCardSeason, tax season, general adulting requires me to remember to spend time doing things like budgeting and vacuuming, and there are just a whole lot of deadlines going on. Honestly, I personally work well with deadlines because I think they do keep me somewhat grounded instead of spiralling and floating among all my various ideas and fantasies….but it also means that there is no time for said ideas and fantasies when the deadlines start piling up. It’s kind of unfortunate when I attempt to ignore all the deadlines and responsibilities to stay in the clouds anyways.

It’s a real balancing act over here.

BAAAAASICALLY, to meander somewhat near the point of what I was originally talking about, my habit of being overly ambitious actually prevents me from being productive when I become spread too thin…. which I think is maybe the Universe reminding me to focus a bit.

So, if you’re also in #ReportCardSeason or just recovering, as a fellow caregiver, from the recent Supermoon (I seriously did not believe in the power of full moons until I began working with children but, dear lord, is that stuff real!), or just generally trying to figure out how to keep your sh*t together, just remember none of it actually happens unless you take care of yourself first.

With love and gratitude,

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